Bob float valve parts

2020-01-17 19:24

Float valves automatically open or close when a liquid reaches a predetermined level. They can be used for filling control (close on level rise) or drainage control (open on level rise) in open or closed tanks, storage tanks, cooling towers, and reservoirs.Best Float Valves are hotdipped galvanized steel and have various stainless steel options. We offer standard float valve kits, premium kits, high volumelowpressure valve kits, highpressure kits, stainless steel kits, air gap kits, and electric float switch kits. bob float valve parts

Browse KleenRite's selection of Bob float valves, float valve accessories, and replacement parts at the best distributor prices. In 2010, Control Devices expanded their product line via the acquisition of the Roberts Manufacturing company in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Robert Manufacturing RC810 CASA Series Bob Red Brass Float Valve with Compound Operating Lever, 12 NPT Male Inlet x Free Flow Outlet, 22. 5 gpm at 85 psi Pressure Reliable float valves from Grainger can help shut off the flow or water in an open tank or evaporative cooler at a predetermined level. Bronze float valves feature machinedin seats and Buna N seals, cotter pin pivot assemblies and fully adjustable float arms. bob float valve parts The R400 Series is a high capacity float valve and applications include cooling towers, livestock waterers, car washes, high pressure washes, swimming pools and many other agricultural and industrial applications. Bob Copper Floats consists of two halves soldered together using an inside lapping joint with leadfree solder.

Our Float Valves. This product line is highly complementary to Control Devices existing broad line of Bob and Bobby branded industrial float valves. We are privileged to continue to uphold Kerick Valves reputation as a highquality and highly responsive supplier to the industrial and agricultural trade. bob float valve parts Robert Manufacturing model R N float valve with stainless steel body and viton seat. The R1350 series is a highcapacity float valve with 38 female NPT inlet and outlet connections. It is ideal for applications where caustic fluids are used or where sanitation is a concern. BOB FLOAT VALVES are available in brass& 316 stainless steel. BOB Brass Float Valves are typically used in cooling towers, livestock waterers, car washes, highpressure washes, swimming pools and many other agricultural and industrial applications. Bob float valves are commonly used in cooling towers, car washes, and high pressure washes. They're also common in agricultural and industrial applications. Expect top performance from this leading manufacturer of floats, float valves, and plumbing supplies. The major function of a float valve is to stop the flow of water from an inlet supply line. BOB Repair Parts for BOB Float Valves, Replacement Parts. RBKB210 Plunger Assembly for R with Disc& Cup BOB Valves; RBKB220 Plunger Assembly for R with Disc& Cup BOB Val

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