Trevi therm shower valve

2019-12-12 08:27

The innovative Trevi Therm Builtin Valve will add panache to your bathroom with its sleek design and superb chrome finish. Featuring dual control operation, with builtin safety stop and temperature settings at 40C, 43C, 46C or 48C, this shower valve comes with automatic shutdown system, to ensure the safety of users of all ages.Trevitherm A3000AA Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve (300 CP). trevi therm shower valve

Trevi Shower Spares. We are the UK's largest official stockists of Trevi shower spares, with most Trevi spare parts ready for same day despatch. We stock shower spares for Trevi mixer showers and Trevi bar mixer showers, including Trevi shower heads, Trevi shower head holders, Trevi shower hoses, and internal spare parts.

Therm Thermostatic Builtin Shower Mixer. Product code: A3000 Therm dual control builtin thermostatic shower mixer; Ceramic disc; Temperature limit stop; Thermostatic valve; Shower mixers& valves; Shower kits; Shower Packs (Kit Mixer) Shower trays; Shower Enclosures& Cubicles; Wet Room Enclosures& Screens; Shower Accessories& Parts; Trevi A3000AA Therm BuiltIn High Flow Shower Mixer Chrome Set and leave controls set your chosen temperature and leave it. Temperature handle has a builtin safety stop at 40C for a safer shower. Automatic safety shutdown in the event of hot or cold water supply failure. trevi therm shower valve Ideal Standard Trevi Therm BuiltIn Thermostatic Shower Valve A3000aa.

65C. For correct operation of the valve, a minimum of 52C is required. GENERAL NOTES Trevi thermostatic shower mixers are designed to be installed on normal UK low pressure storage tank fed systems, unvented high pressure systems, modulating instantaneous water heaters or modulating combination (combi) boilers. They are suitable trevi therm shower valve Trevi Therm Built In Post 1997 Shower Spares. Ask a Question Do you have a question regarding this product? Call us on directly 0131 538 4343 or click the button to ask us a question. A3200AA Trevi Therm MK II exposed thermostatic shower valve for concealed or exposed pipework Bottom Oulet A3670AA Artefact dual control builtin thermostatic shower valve no shower kit A3700AA Trevi Outline builtin thermostatic shower valve A3969NU TT builtin thermostatic shower valve no faceplate or handles Ideal Standard Trevi Therm Mk Ii Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve For Concealed Or Exposed Pipework Bottom Oulet (A3200aa) Ideal Standard Tt Builtin Thermostatic Shower Valve With Two Way Diverter For Use With A5501aa Or A5558aa No Faceplate Or Handles (A5500nu) The Trevi Therm shower valve has accurate thermostatic control which ensures the water temperature you select is maintained even if the pressure fluctuates when water is used elsewhere in your home. The assured contemporary design of the dualcontrol Trevi Therm reflects the precision of its function.

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