1999 acura rl egr valve cleaning

2019-12-12 08:26

Aug 02, 2014 Where is the EGR valve located on a 1999 acura rl. Posted by Anonymous on Aug 02, 2014. P0401 EGR flow insufficientClean EGR passages P0730Faulty transmission shift controlGet diagnosed Jun 01, 2014 2002 Acura RL 3. 5. 1 Answer Where is the fuse box located inside the 98 acura 3. 5 rl.Nov 21, 2007 I saw someone else had posted an EGR cleaning post in the Legend forums. I did this on my 96 RL and am including how to remove and clean the intake Now we can remove the EGR valve. There are 2 nuts holding the valve on the exhaust manifold, a vacuum pipe and the electric connector. Car 1: FD Civic 2007 Car 2: KA9 1999 RL Car 3: KTM LC4 1999 acura rl egr valve cleaning

EGR valve cleaner: Acura RL 3. 5 L 290 hp Gas How to avoid the need of EGR valve cleaning? The solution is Carbon Cleaning The least expensive option, with no need for disassembly and entailing the shortest service time, and which is an alternative to part replacement, is hydrogen treatment via the Carbon Cleaning station.

Sep 20, 2012 Code P1491 in HondaAcura vehicles means insufficient EGR valve lift. Note this is not the same as 0401 for EGR low flow when you have to clean EGR passage in the intake manifold. If code 1491 is not accompanied with 0401 that could be faulty EGR valve itself. Try to reset the code, and if it will return soon replace EGR valve. P0401 ACURA Tech Notes EGR flow malfunction could be caused by a clogged EGR valve or EGR tube. Before replacing any parts try cleaning the EGR valve, tube and passages. 1999 acura rl egr valve cleaning

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