Valve amplifier input sensitivity

2020-01-19 08:22

Input sensitivity is the maximum voltage strength of an input signal that an amplifier can handle and still produce unclipped full output. This is important to understand because not all audio signals have the same voltage.Sensitivity is a measure of the magnitude of input signal need for the amplifier to produce full output, at maximum volume. This tells us what signal sources the amplifier can handle, and produce full output if required. But it also tells us where the volume control is likely to be set is use and how quickly volume rises when it is turned up. valve amplifier input sensitivity

Valve Series High sensitivity speaker designed for valve amplifiers Valve amplifiers have a very loyal following, because they have wonderful audio qualities and a smooth sound that appeals to many people.

Jun 17, 2006  Input Sensitivity: It is the minimum input VOLTAGE required at that point (eg the Aux input of your integrated amplifier) to produce the Full (Rated) output. The ratio of the Output Voltage to the Input voltage is the GAIN of that amplifier. The formula that you have quated provides the GAIN in Oct 29, 2015 JL Audio Trainer, Rob Haynes, walks you through this simple 9step method for setting amplifier gain. It will require test tone(s), a digital multimeter and a screwdriver. The complete procedure valve amplifier input sensitivity Input sensitivity is adjustable on an amplifier or DSP due to the fact that the signal strength varies from the previous sources outputs. If the input signal strength is too low the amplifier most likely wont reach its maximum output.

Amplifier Gain Control Adjustment (input sensitivity) The gain or level pot is not a volume knob, it is used to match the relative output level (voltage) of your source unit to the input circuit of your amplifier. The gain control determines how far you have to increase the volume on your source unit for the amplifier to valve amplifier input sensitivity V5 Rectifier GZ32 or 54KU or 5V4G: The following information and that on my other pages references component numbers from the QUAD II Valve Power Amplifier schematic drawing issue 1 which you can download from this list How the circuit creates its pushpull drive and first stage gain using only 2 EF86 pentode valves is described here

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