Power valve control unit

2020-01-23 02:33

Company Profile. Since establishment, Power Valve U. S. A. mainly acted as an agent for selling importing pneumatic and hydraulic products and subsequently developed is own. .The unit controls a Power Valve motor according to the RPM. The position is set by a programmed map. The map can be loaded by software provided using the small white connector and a programming lead. The unit can be used to upgrade an existing CDi to have Power Valve control or replace a damaged system on a RS125 or RS250. power valve control unit

Actuators and Hydraulic Power Control Units are designed to provide the valve with the desired action. As standard, actuator, hydraulic power unit and control unit will consist of the following: Actuator Mechanical Drive Section

This valve is operated by means of a cable from a computerized mechanical control unit which detects the ignition frequency and determines the required turning angle of the valve. In this way the valve moves upward and downward out of the exhaust port. Oct 18, 2014  But then the power valve was introduced to the twostroke engine, and everything changed. Today, power valves exist in both mechanical and electrical formats. The engines speed controls the mechanical valves. Electrical valves come equipped with electrical controls that allow more control over the opening and more precise tuning. power valve control unit PowerCDI is the only engine control unit equipped with Dynamic Power Control, an exclusive system capable of widely modulating the ignition timing (and, in the fuel injection models, the amount of fuel) in real time, and in this way of actively controlling the engine output to precisely link its response to the throttle, making even the most nervous and powerful engine more linear and easier to exploit, but

The valve is a slightly oval shape. This changes the height and size of the exhaust port at different engine speeds, maximizing the available power at all rev ranges, opening up firstly at 3k rpm for low end power, gradually in between 36k, fully opening at 6k rpm for maximum power, on most 125cc. power valve control unit

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