Four stroke reed valve

2020-01-23 02:23

Feb 28, 2008 The reed valve is very important for a high perfomance DIO engine. It must work correctly at idle and at 10, 000 rpms. The valve material is of great concern when building these engines.Oct 27, 2010 A reed solves both these problems. A four stroke has no such problem to solve because the intake port is controlled by the valve train, and can be opened and closed at any two different times the builder decides on. A reed valve is redundant. four stroke reed valve

The Swedish motorcycle company Husqvarna produced a twostroke, 500 cc displacement single cylinder engine with a reedvalve controlled intake, one of the biggest in using this arrangement. Reed valves in twostroke engines have been placed in the intake ports and also in controlling the intake to the crankshaft space.

Nov 11, 2012 Best Answer: they have an intake and exhaust valve and a camshaft to move them. not all 2 strokes run a reed, some just run ports Nov 06, 2017 A four stroke engine has valves on both the intake and the exhaust and are located in the cylinder head in an overhead valve engine, and in the cylinder block of side valve engines. There have been engines which had one side valve and one overhead valve. There is no need for a reed valve on a 4 stroke cycle engine. four stroke reed valve Jun 26, 2005  Reed valves on a 4stroke. So it looks like in 1982 the XR's had them and the XL's didn't. 1982 was the last year that they didn't have RFVC. My brother has a 1983 XR500R and it has reed valves. My 84 is the exact same bike but no reeds. On the 83 they bolt into the side of

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