15mm isolating valve thread size

2020-01-17 19:29

Sep 03, 2019 Old house we moved in to seems to have a faulty 15mm Isolation Va lve but because of the way pipes are, theres a problem. No extra pipework to allow me to chop out pipe and fit new valve as all pipes lengths tightly routed. ONLY OPTION IS to unscrew current nuts at ends of existing pipework (that then screws in to faulty isolation valve body).Sep 03, 2019 if it is a tap connector, etc then one end will be threaded, eg to be connected to the float valve, tap tail thread, etc. Then yep this end is 12 and the other end (compresion fitting to pipe) is 15mm, but you can get 34 to 22mm (for bath taps). 15mm isolating valve thread size

Isolating Valve CP 15mm is rated 4. 4 out of 5 by 73. Rated 3 out of 5 by Jules61 from Valve ok, nuts too short Valve ok, but the nuts are too short for use with a reducing olive set, I had to use other longer nuts from a different fitting.

Nov 18, 2010 Discuss 15mm Isolation Valve thread size in the Valves& Taps area at PlumbersForums. net. Status Not open for further replies. A. Amp David. Oct 25, 2010# 1 As the title suggests, whats the size of thread on a standard 15mm isolation valve. The kind that you turn with a screwdriver. Thanks people. OP. H. Henno82. Oct 26, 2010  Discuss Isolation valves for 15mm copper pipe in the Electrical Forum area at Amp DavidMentor. Arms. Oct 25, 2010# 1 Just wanting to know what size the thread is on one of these valves. Its the type of valve you turn with a 15mm isolating valve thread size They are very handy and perfect for fixing things like a dripping tap where there is no need to turn off the mains water if one of these valves is installed. Easy to use, simply turn the valve 90 degrees using a slot head screwdriver to open or close the valve. Our range of isolation valves are available with a choice of diameters and materials.

Oct 29, 2010 Does the male threading of a 15mm compression fitting (like one side of a 15mm compression coupler) fit well into a 12 female thread? I have confirmed that it screws in well, but, using PTFE tape, can it be secure and water tight? No, it's a parallel 12 BSP male thread, screwed into a parallel female thread. 15mm isolating valve thread size Sep 10, 2014 Mike the Boilerman. All 22mm compression fittings use a nuts with a nonstandard thread size. The way to do what the OP requests is to fit a piece of 22mm tube into the compression fitting then use a reducing coupling to connect to the 15mm HEP 2 0. Or use the HEP 2 0 fitting which is 22mm male plain shank x 15mm female coupling to go straight into the gate valve. Flat Faced Straight Isolation Valve 15mm x 38 BSP PM. Part number: Manufacturer's part number: BFIVFF15C. Screwdriver operated, plated brass body, isolating valve with flat faced BSP male thread to connect to a monobloc tap flexible connector. Straight Service Valve 15mm x ( ) Brass, steel and plastic construction. Nov 19, 2015  Looking at the 15 mm male fitting, is that actually a 15 mm male to 15mm copper compression fitting? If so, take the male part off the 15mm end and the

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