Transmission manual valve

2020-01-21 03:47

The competition valve body was designed for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in racing and offroad applications. TCI Full Manual Valve Bodies allow for quicker shift timing and the ability to run higher line pressures than with an automatic shift.The Manual Valve in an automatic transmission is a spool valve connected by linkage or cable to the shift lever inside the passenger compartment. transmission manual valve

Oct 26, 2010 I would hesitate to install a full manual valve on one of these transmissions. The '70 up C4 and C5 uses a larger input shaft and they can take the abuse of manual shifts better. That being said operating a car with a full manual valve body on the street is an exercise in restraint.

The first version is our automaticmanual valve body, installed on all of our 1 streetstrip transmissions. The second version is a full manual control valve body, used more specifically for all types of racing. The third version available for most racing applications is the fluid release transbrake control valve body. Transmission Valves Automatic transmissions use mainline, governor, and throttle pressure valves to control and lubricate the transmission. Some of these have been replaced or work together with electronic controls. Governor pressure increases with vehicle speed. transmission manual valve Full manual valve bodies are used for high performance applications where you don't need a transbrake to launch. Tractor pulling and monster trucks often use full manual valve bodies for better control over their automatic transmissions. JEGS carries forward and reverse shift manual valve bodies as well as manualautomatic combination valve bodies.

You must line up the manual valve with the detent lever of your transmission. The OEM manual valve is used with this valve body kit. The manual valve has an opening that the detent will fit into. The detent lever moves the manual valve when you manually shift the vehicle. You are now ready to install the manual valve body. Install gasket, separator plate, gasket, and BTE manual valve body. Bolt valve body transmission manual valve

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