Sigma 18-50 f2 8 ex dc macro hsm

2019-12-14 18:24

The Sigma 1770mm f2. 84 DC Macro OS HSM is a refreshingly unique lens in a market of walk around lenses. While some standard zoom lenses have apparently decided to opt for a 2470mm focal range (not all) Sigma has decided to dip a toe into the wide angle end of the focal length pool.This lens has been replaced by the Sigma 1750mm F2. 8 OS HSM. The Sigma 1850mm F2. 8 EX macro lens, made in Japan, is equivalent in focal range to most standard walkaround zooms, but has the constant fast aperture of F2. 8, which the others don't have. sigma 18-50 f2 8 ex dc macro hsm

Jul 27, 2012 review of the Sigma 18. 50 f2. 8 lens as a second hand budget buy

The Sigma 1850mm 2. 8 is a competent workhorse, probably finding its best application as a macro lens, where stopping down fully to 16 or 22 to get maximum depthoffield doesn't rob too much Apr 06, 2018 so it's always set at f2. 8 and I'm using mostly the wide end of the range. After almost a year with my Sigma 1850mm f2. 8 EX DC MACRO I decided to purchase the Tamron equivalent, the Tamron SP AF1750mm F2, 8 XR Di II LD (IF) and do some testing. Online reviews often give the advantage to the Tamron as the 'sharper wide open' of the two. sigma 18-50 f2 8 ex dc macro hsm The Sigma 1750mm F2. 8 EX DC OS HSM is a wide to standard zoom lens designed for APSC DSLRs. Equipped with a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) and an Optical Stabilizer (OS), the 1750mm boasts a large fixed 2. 8 aperture throughout the entire zoom range.

Jan 23, 2009  What Digital Camera lens test review of the Sigma 1850mm f2. 8 EX DC Macro. Sigmas almost identical 1770mm f and 1850mm f2. 8 sigma 18-50 f2 8 ex dc macro hsm For whatever reason Sigma did not release any HSM standard zoom to date and the 1850mm f2. 8 EX DC macro follows this tradition on Nikon it relies on a slotted AF drive screw operated by the camera. Speedwise there's no need for an ultrasonic drive whatsoever due to a very short focus path (45 degrees) the AF performance is very fast. Feb 02, 2010 This lens is Sigma 1850mm f2. 8 EX DC Macro HSM (Builtin motor) (Nikon fit). Mounted with Nikon D80(also has motor). I tested AF speed. In my opinion, I think it's quite slow. The Sigma 1850mm f2. 8 EX DC Lens contains a nice general purpose focal length range, is wellbuilt and does not cost a fortune. Like Canon's EFS Lenses, the 1850 DC is compatible only with 1. 5x1. 6x crop factor digital SLR cameras. Being sized for a smallerformat sensor allows a smaller and less expensive design to be used. Sigma 1850mm F2. 8 EX DC Macro HSM Nikon Scores Specifications Measurements Tested with COMPARISON SELECTION (3 selected items max. ) VIEW COMPARISON ADD MORE. Sigma 1850mm F2. 8 EX DC Macro HSM Nikon. Add to compare DxOMark Score: Best at f18mm& f2. 8 19. Lens

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