Sigma 180mm f3.5 ex dg macro lens review

2020-01-23 02:44

Jul 06, 2006  Sigma 180mm f3. 5 EX DG Macro Interchangeable Lens Review This is Sigmas offering in the long, medium telephoto macro area of interchangeable lenses. Long because it is about as long as true MacroMay 19, 2016  The Sigma 150mm f2. 8 EX DG OS HSM APO Macro is somewhat of a red herring that doesnt get talked about very often. Most macro shooters are content with a 100mm macro lens sigma 180mm f3.5 ex dg macro lens review

Aug 09, 2012  Fstoppers Reviews the Sigma 180mm f2. 8 Macro Lens. by Jaron Schneider. The Sigma 180mm f2. 8 APO Macro EX DG OS HSM lens is available now for Canon, So every positive review

Feb 16, 2012  Sigmas 180mm f3. 5 APO EX DG HSM Macro is the only macro lens with a 180mm focal length for Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Four Thirds System cameras. Canon has an EF 180mm f3. 5L Macro USM lens with similar specifications to the Sigma lens. However, its RRP when this review was written was 2699, more than twice the price of the Sigma lens. Oct 16, 2009  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sigma 180mm f3. 5 EX DG IF HSM APO Macro Lens for Nikon SLR Cameras at Amazon. com. Read honest and sigma 180mm f3.5 ex dg macro lens review Sigma APO Macro 180mm f3. 5 EX DG HSM is your typical telephoto lens, meaning that it behaves and handles like one. With one obvious exception it's also a macro lens. More about the macro a bit later, but the first thing I wanted to mention is the three mode auto focusing limiter, which turned out to be a major boon for macro work.

Sep 02, 2018 The Sigma 180 is longest macro lens in Sigma's lineup and the fastest 180 macro on the market, in fact, this is the only fast f2. 8, 180mm, 1X macro lens available on the consumer market. The sharpness of this lens wide open is impressive TECHNICAL DETAILS Type: Macr sigma 180mm f3.5 ex dg macro lens review Dec 13, 2012  Reviews Sigma 180mm f2. 8 APO EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens Review Gary Wolstenholme reviews the 180mm f2. 8 telephoto macro lens from Sigma (From Sigma lens literature) The Sigma APO Macro 180mm f3. 5 EX HSM lens has a very narrow field of view, and can allow very narrow depthoffield for selective focus and less distracting Oct 20, 2017 Sigma 105mm f2. 8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens Test Review Robert OToole October 20, 2017 The medium telephoto Sigma 105 is long and fast enough to make a good portrait lens and at the same time gives the photographer enough working distance for macro compared to the shorter lenses where lighting can be a problem due to the front of the lens May 18, 2005 The Sigma 180mm f3. 5 APO EX DG lens has a lifesized reproduction ratio and is an HSM model, which guarantees fast and silent auto focusing as well as full time manual focus. It is compatible with Sigma, Canon, NikonD, Pentax and Konica Minolta DSLRs and will be priced 549.

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