Sigma space micropulse lidar

2020-01-19 07:27

Sigma Spaces SPL LiDAR terrain data can be used to reduce nonpoint source pollution, provide data on coast line mapping and data products assist in insurance assessment and provide elevation data that can be used for floodarea profiling used for emergency management and insurance assessment. Additionally SPL data flown regularly can putNov 27, 2018 Sigma Space started to work on singlephoton sensitive technologies early on, first on an airborne lidar for the measurement of cloud physical properties with Dr. Matthew McGill, and, soon after, on the commercialization of the Micropulse Lidar, a groundbased instrument to measure cloud and aerosols, developed by Dr. Jim Spinhirne. Dr. sigma space micropulse lidar

Sigma Space is gratefully acknowledged for loaning MPLs that were used in this study. This work is the result of a collaborative effort between UMBC, Millersville University, Sigma Space, NASA, and the various site hosts. Free and open source Python programming language was used in this work for data processing and analysis.

Micro Pulse LiDAR, part of Hexagon, develops innovative solutions that deliver a rich source of atmospheric feature information. Scientists, researchers, meteorologists and other professionals who monitor and analyze clouds, air quality and safety, rely on Micro Pulse LiDAR instruments and services to better understand the structure of our atmosphere and uncover small changes that can have a Pacific Environment Limited has begun using Sigma Spaces to MiniMPL LiDAR, or micropulse LiDAR, to provide additional information on realtime dust source activity on large sites where filling in the large gaps between standard monitoring sensors can bring about significant improvements in environmental imagery. Read more at SPAR 3D. sigma space micropulse lidar A Sigma Space micro pulse lidar with polarization (MPLP, model MPL4BIDS532), is situated inside the penthouse lab, transmitting at 532 nm. The lidar is used for the continuous monitoring of aerosol profiles nominally up to the tropopause.

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