St1300 battery removal

2019-12-12 08:26

Nov 12, 2012  RIDING POSITIONSEAT. Similar to an ST1300 with handlebar risers. The seat is flatter and more comfortable than a standard ST1300. WIND PROTECTION: Very good for the rider. Not tested as a pillion. MIRRORS: Similar to the ST1300 standard, which means you do get aStep# 1 is to remove the ST1300 side fairings and the air cleaner housing. Take it down to where you can see the throttle bodies in the pictures below. If you have never synced the throttle bodies (starter valves), this is a good time because they are now exposed. You'll see the big opening in the picture above. st1300 battery removal

May 20, 2019 I need to replace my ST1300 battery all I need now is to get the battery bracket off manuel says to 'remove bolt' what I see is only a rubber circle piece with a hole in the middle where they say is the bolt how do I proceed? ? ? ! ! !

May 25, 2008  Lift off the relay unit which is snapped into place on top of the battery cover. Remove the battery cover which is snapped into position at the top rear of the battery. Using the 10mm socket again, unscrew the battery clamp which is held with a single bolt above the centre of the battery. Lift off the battery KMG 12V Battery for Honda 1300 ST1300 A P YTZ14S Sealed Maintenace Free Battery High Performance 12V SMF Replacement Powersport Battery. 3. 8 out of 5 stars 16. 35. 99 35. 99. FREE Shipping. Yuasa Battery YTZ14S YUASA BATTERY Batteries Maint. Free VRLA Battery YUAM72Z14. st1300 battery removal Where is the battery on a Honda ST1300? It's located on the right side of the bike. Pull the seat off and the right side case and remove the 3 allen bolts holding on the tupperware.

Honda ST1300 2006 Setup Instructions. Hide thumbs. Most useful pages: Remove the side braces, wheel, loose parts cartons, and crate frame. Remove the ties securing the front wheel and loose parts cartons. PARTS PARTS TIES CARTON CARTON 2006 American Honda Motor Co. , Inc. Page 18 NEGATIVE () BATTERY TERMINAL POSITIVE () BATTERY st1300 battery removal

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