Sigma 10-20 review nikon

2020-01-17 19:36

The Sigma 1020mm 3. 5 uses a dense plastic construction with a fair amount of heft to it. The lens balanced well on our Canon 20D testing body. The lens sports an allblack matte smooth finish with parts of it using the Sigma rubberized coating. The body mount is metal, while the 82mmJun 08, 2010  I have been a Nikon man for a long time and generally prefer Nikon glass unless my budget forbids. Back before Nikon offered anything in the 10mm range, I bought a Sigma 1020 and have been generally satisfied with the results. Now the Nippon brethren have sigma 10-20 review nikon

The Sigma 1020 f3. 5 shows slightly less flare, shows slightly less vignetting at wide open apertures, has the fixed max aperture advantage, has a smaller (and included) lens hood and costs less. Sigma's 1020mm f45. 6 EX DC Lens is, in practicality, a narrower aperture version of the Sigma 1020mm f3. 5

Covering a flexible ultrawide range, the Nikon Fmount 1020mm f3. 5 EX DC HSM from Sigma is a versatile zoom wellsuited for landscape, architectural, and interior photography. The lens's optical design incorporates a series of low dispersion and aspherical elements, which help to reduce chromatic and spherical aberrations throughout the zoom range, as well as contribute to improved sharpness and Apr 26, 2010  Sigma 1020mm f3. 5 EX DC HSM: Performance For this review, the lens was tested on a 10Mp Nikon D80 using Imatest. At 10mm, this lens gave sigma 10-20 review nikon Mar 12, 2009 Sigma 1020mm 1: 45. 6 EX DC HSM review. Nikon has laid out its ambitious plans for the next three years of Zmount lenses. The most eyecatching is a 58mm F0. 95 'Noct' lens and, naturally, standard focal lengths such as an 85mm F1. 8, 2470mm F2. 8 and mm F2. 8 will be appearing in due course, as well.

Aug 18, 2017 Can't compare with the Sigma lens but the Nikon 1020 is a pretty good lens with my D7500. Just got back from the Canadian Rockies and was very happy with the images. I hiked for many miles with the lens on my camera and loved the small size and weight. I rarely used my tripod anymore for landscapes with the VR. sigma 10-20 review nikon This Nikon 1020mm is a breakthrough in being the world's first inexpensive ultra wide lens for Nikon DX cameras (only 307 at introduction), and is also Nikon's first DX ultra wide with Vibration Reduction! Add its low price to superclose focusing and tiny size and vanishing weight and Jul 19, 2017  The AFP DX Nikkor 1020mm f G VR lens is a small, light optic and hardly seems to add any bulk or weight to the D7500 DX format body used for this review The Nikon 1020mm VR AFP lens has no switches on the barrel itself, which affects compatibility with some Nikon cameras. More on that later. The zoom ring is a little over an inch wide (about 30 Apr 14, 2015 This is one of Sigma's 'flagship' lenses an ultra wideangle lens for APSC cameras, with a snappy maximum aperture of f3. 5 throughout its entire zoom range. That means it could be quite

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