Ridgid vacuum filter removal

2020-01-19 08:05

Jan 20, 2011 I am unable to take old filter off my Ridgid portable 4 gallon vac. Ridgid 9 Gallon WetDry Shop Vac question. Should I remove the filter when using it as a wet vac. I t does not seem to have much suction. Doe my ridgid, have to have a filter? Ridgid Vacuums; Open Questions: 0 AnswersThe Ridgid WetDry Vac uses a filter to keep dust to a minimum when dry vacuuming. The filter requires removal when vacuuming liquids. The vacuum also comes with several attachments to use for various vacuuming needs. ridgid vacuum filter removal

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I took a snap shot of the section on how to remove and replace the filter for you from the instruction manual for you. I also wanted to give you a link to the instruction manual for the Ridgid 12 gallon wet \ dry vacuum. Just in case you needed it for anything else. ridgid vacuum filter removal

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