Bee removal san diego ca

2019-12-05 22:25

Welcome to Bee Best Bee Removal For more than 25 years, we have provided bee removal services for homes and businesses in Chula Vista, El Cajon, San Diego, and the surrounding areas.We employ some of the best methods in San Diego to do as many live removals as possible. Our mission is to help the bee population growing and ensuring that Africanized bee colonies can change back to European Bee colonies. bee removal san diego ca

Unfortunately the San Diego Beekeeping Society does not offer free removal of bees. If you have a swarm that has landed in a tree, bush, fence, etc, they are just there temporarily while they scout out a permanent place. They will move on in a day or two.

Live Bee Removal San Diego CA. The average bee swarm consists of ten to twenty thousand bees and a mature hive can grow to over fortyfive thousand bees. We relocate hundreds of swarms and hives each year. The Bee Guys have years of bee removal experience and can manage gentle or aggressive bees for you without incident. Bee Removal San Diego Youve probably heard in recent years how important it is for us to save the bees! These little buzzing critters are essential to our environment and ecosystem but that doesnt mean you need to house them in your backyard. bee removal san diego ca Safe& Alive Bee Hive Removal is a small family operated business that has been serving San Diego County since 1999. We specialize in the removal of bee hives. Otto, our senior technician, applies precautious techniques in removing bees from many unique areas.

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