Td5 egr removal problems

2019-12-07 10:16

Feb 05, 2018  Hi all Looking for a bit of advice here. I want to remove the EGR system from my 2003 Disco TD5. What problems am i about to encounter and what would you advise is the best way to do it. Do i need to remove everything or just insert a blank plate toNext remove the 2 bolts that secure the pipe to the engine bracket. Now remove the 4 bolts that secure the EGR valve to the intake manifold. These should not be that tight and are pretty easy to get on to. After they are out, you now have to remove the 2 allen head bolts that secure the pipe to the exhaust manifold. td5 egr removal problems

Jul 05, 2014 EGR removed problem 2000 TD5 I removed my EGR and blanked of the exhaust. I also followed the vacuum pipe back and put the rubber stopper over the inletoutlet. Only thing changed is the EGR removal kit, the symptom started the same day as the kit was installed. The sound seems to be coming from where the work was done.

Dec 17, 2006 Fitted the 'EGR removal pipe' kit from D44 this afternoon fairly straightforward, although I had to phone Devon to find out how to bypass the cooling system on the EGR pipe (its seems the later Td5 EGR systems have an extra modulator, and the exhaust manifold to EGR valve pipe is water cooled). TD5 EGR Removal Question. Discussion in 'TD5' started by bankz5152, Nov 2, 2016. I'm now rather of the opinion that the removal of the egr on my 04 Disco lead to my problems. The water return from the oil cooler had been blocked off! I work on road trains mainly volvo that run a similer set up to the TD5 just in a larger form td5 egr removal problems May 10, 2018  Hi, can anybody advise if there are any problems likely with the new MOT emissions requirements resulting from the removal of the EGR valve and its associated clutter? Im asking as I need to switch to an auto box due to advancing arthritus in my

Oct 19, 2013 It will definitely be better for the engine to remove it. EGR systems are not good for engines. I removed the one on my D2 Td5 anf it seems to run a lot cleaner. Had the MoT today and the emissions were 0. 58 against maxes of 3. 0 and 1. 5, not bad for a 15 year old with on the clock! 2nd Jun 2014 8: 36pm td5 egr removal problems Jun 15, 2010 The coolant on the TD5 with the EGR cooler comes off the oil cooler, small length of hose joining a metal pile that goes around the back of the motor then down the drivers side extending just pastnear the fuel cooler. On the TD5 blanking is not a problem but on other vehicles it can throw error codes (P0400 or P0401) and bring the CEL light on. If you take the EGR valve off the manifold you will see the crap that it feeds back through your engine. Chances are you MAP sensor is blocked and the EGR valve is also clogged with oily soot which will affect how well your engine runs. My advice is remove the EGR valve

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