03 pt cruiser timing belt removal

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Sep 18, 2010  SOURCE: timing belt replacement on a 2001 pt cruisre Not for the beginner, I will be doing one on monday. 2001 Twin Cam. I have been in repair for 30 years, I would not let anyone with less than 5 years experience touch it. This motor has the potential to bend valves ifJul 11, 2011  PT Cruiser 2. 4L timing belt change Yuck! I'm in the middle of a driveway (no shade tree to be found) change out of a timing belt on an nonturbo '04 PT Cruiser 03 pt cruiser timing belt removal

A broken timing belt often means large repair expenses because the broken belt causes damage to nearby parts. The best way to avoid this is to be proactive and change the timing belt for Chrysler PT Cruiser on a regular schedule.

However, the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets must be set in their correct position before installing the timing belt (see the Warning for more information). This will ensure that the pistons, valves and the rest of the engine systems in your PT Cruiser are synchronized and work properly. The average cost for a Chrysler PT Cruiser timing belt replacement is between 805 and 977. Labor costs are estimated between 562 and 710 while parts are priced between 243 and 267. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. 03 pt cruiser timing belt removal REMOVAL& INSTALLATION TIMING BELT Removal 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove upper engine torque strut attaching bolts and remove engine torque strut. See Fig. 5. Remove engine torque strut bracket from strut tower. On PT Cruiser (Turbo), discharge and evacuate AC system. Disconnect AC lines at junction block near upper timing belt

Jul 09, 2015 We took this video to show you what you need to do in order to replace the timing belt on a Chrysler Pt Cruiser 2. 4 Engine. Most Shops and Dealers will Charge you over 1000 for timing belt 03 pt cruiser timing belt removal Mar 19, 2012 Here is part 1 of how to remove a water pump and replace the timing belt on a 2. 4 Liter Dual overhead cam (DOHC) PT Cruiser. This takes some time and some specialty tools. This first video is on How to Change a Water Pump on a PT Cruiser by Cayden Conor Updated November 07, 2017. Items you will need. Drain pan. Since the water pump is in with the timing belt, and the PT Cruiser has an interference engine, severe internal damage could occur should the water pump lock up. Remove the rear timing belt cover using the appropriate I need to do a timing belt and water pump on a 2002 PT Cruiser 2. 4L. I need the step by step instructions diagrams to Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic (5) On 1994& prior models, replace every 60, 000 miles. On except CA models, replace at 60, 000 mile intervals. On CA models, replacement at 60, 000 mile intervals is recommended but not required, replace timing belt at 100, 000 miles if not previously changed.

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