02 wrx transmission removal

2019-12-08 13:56

Feb 13, 2017 Quick video of how I removed the clutch fork pin using a timing belt cover bolt, washers, pry bar and a stubby crescent wrench.Jun 13, 2007  I am removing my transmission to do a clutch and flywheel swap, but I cannot get the lower half of the transmission to seperate from the engine. I have removed everything required stated by the repair manual. You can see the pressure plate from the top but the transmission 02 wrx transmission removal

Dec 12, 2009 Transmission removal WRX Transmission (ATMT)& Driveline. I have made significant progress on removing the transmission on my 02 WRX plan on getting it rebuilt at DS1 Motorsports as soon as I get it out of the car.

First off, separate the transfer case unit from the main transmission case. After that is done, the biggest part that makes this easy is how you split the case and disassemble the transmission. The left side of the case will hold you input shaft, counter shaft, differential and Jan 21, 2009 Transmission fluid If you are working on a bugeye, you'll also need a pin punch and a hammer to remove the axles from the transmission. Now get the car on a lift or jackstands. Make sure if it's on jackstands that you can comfortably be on your side under there and that the car is securely. from a WRX manual. I am looking for some insight 02 wrx transmission removal jdm 0102 subaru wrx sti 6 speed awd manual transmission This engine was imported from Japan with 57, 000 miles or less. It comes equipped with our gold star 30day warranty AND has been compression and leak down tested prior to removal from its original vehicle in Japan.

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