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2020-01-18 08:49

There is a function called getcategorylink() which might be helpful for you. This will be able to generate an appropriate link without having to hardcode it, except for the category name or ID.Category is one of the predefined taxonomies in WordPress. It is used to sort and group content into different sections. A website publishing content on a variety of topics can divide their website into sections using categories. Example: A news website can have categories for articles filed under News, Opinion, Weather, Sports, etc. wordpress link categories

Worth remembering that a categoryid is a termid and not a termtaxonomyid (And, yes, you can figure that out from reading the code. But these sometimes will be the same, fooling some people into thinking that the termtaxonomyid was right.

Read a simple way to add a link to a category in a WordPress post, page or excerpt. A category can be added using the category name or id. While working on a client project, there was a requirement, where we had to include the name of the category and the category link in the post excerpt as well To manage link categories, click on Link Categories in the Links menu: The following screen will load: To add a new category, use the Add Category form on the left. Fill out the category Name, add a Description (optional), and then click the Add New Link Category button. The link categories you create will appear in the list on the right. wordpress link categories Categories and tags help you sort your content and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. When creating a WordPress post both categories and tags can come in very handy for organizing your content. In past we have covered how to use Categories vs Tags. By default both categories and tags are only limited to posts, so when you create a new page in WordPress, you will notice that there

To produce a link to a Category using permalinks, obtain the Category Base value from the Options Permalinks Administration Screen, and append the category name to the end. For example, to link to the category testing when the Category Base is use the following link: wordpress link categories Link Categories Add Category. Presented to the left of this Screen is the Add New Link Category section which allows Table of Link Categories. This Table lists all of your Link Categories by row. Using Selection, Actions, and Apply. In this Screen you can choose the Actions to be performed

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